Schrodinger’s Car (Driver) – In a rush but always has time to argue!

This has to be my favourite type of driver – the one who is so full of rage that they are in a massive rush to go somewhere, so they must tailgate and toot and shout at you before passing with inches to spare.

Except that if you DARE to complain, then they are going to pull over and argue about why you are in the wrong. It’s always worth carrying a stack of bingo cards for this kind of driver, because it probably has something to do with:

Things cyclists always do wrong (according to bad drivers)

  • you not paying “road tax
  • you needing to learn to cycle, go on a course, get a licence and have insurance (etc).
  • you cycling in the **MIDDLE** of the road – remember he’s paying road tax and you aren’t.
  • you wearing lycra or other things that really don’t matter
  • you wearing or not wearing a helmet, hiviz etc.
  • you being on a leisure trip (because as everyone knows, 100% of car trips are for work or to buy essential items).
  • you causing congestion and pollution, just because you are there.

There’s no way to deal with Schrodinger’s Car Driver, other than to make sure you have a rear pointing camera to film the harassment and illegal usage of horn (see HWC 112). Most police forces will deal with all of this as a due care offence and issue a ticket.

The argument usually has no consequence in terms of the traffic offence, but it does give insight into the way some people think. Remember that Rule 112 is quite clear about usage of the horn, and it does not allow this just because you don’t like the way someone is driving (or cycling) in front of you. If they admit to that, then perhaps that is helping with their self incrimination a little further.

Origins of the Schrodinger’s Reference

There are lots of internet memes, loosely based on Schrodinger’s cat, which is a thought experiment based on the idea that a cat in a trap which contains a poison which will kill it at some undetermined point means that the cat might be considered to be both alive and dead, since whilst it is alive, it is also certain to die from this trap. Essentially it’s a reference to an inherent contradiction. Drivers who really are in a hurry don’t have time to stop and argue about it. Drivers who get stuck in traffic all the time are also starting to realise that a bicycle might be the solution to their problem, not the cause of it!


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