Helmet Hypocrisy

Helmets are good. The correct device, used in the correct way, can help reduce injury, and in certain situations, it can also save lives. Moving beyond yes and no Does that make me personally “for” or “against” bike helmets? Well basically, neither. there are times and situations where bicycle helmets are useful, and situations where … [Read more…]

Air Drumstick Driver

I’ve just seen a very good example of the Air Drumstick Driver (or just #drumstickdriver if you prefer – other sticks are available). Thankfully, this particular kind of bad driving – where the driver basically has no hands on the steering wheel at all, is usually quite rare, but it’s extremely dangerous, nonetheless. Drumstick driver … [Read more…]

Lego 1980s Throwback

Tomorrow (8th April) will be 1980s Lego throwback day, with a load of themese and memes all done with 1980s Lego sets. The music can be provided by Radio 6’s own 80’s day. Provisional themes: -Increasing gcar use Cars & roads 80x & 20s Why were there no mobile phone deaths in the 80s? -Should … [Read more…]

Biden Bridge between UK and USA announced

Leaked UK government documents have revealed the most ambitious post Brexit British policy to date – to build a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean, directly linking Penzance in Cornwall with Boston, Massachusetts. It is believed that this project has been given the working title “Biden bridge”, because it represents both a symbolic and commercial opportunity … [Read more…]