Charge Points

“I’m not anti-car”. OK, then well yes I am. Cars kill and maim and cause air, noise and ground pollution. But I also accept that cars in some form are here to stay, and that if we want to reduce the harm they cause, we need to switch to electric as soon as possible, whilst … [Read more…]

Space for Cars

So the first Lego movie wasn’t until 2014. Yes, these things are all about extending the commercial reach of the franchise, but above all else, the sheer complexity of creating and then animating each scene – whether it’s done digitally or organically – would probably have made it difficult to have come up with such … [Read more…]

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

It’s amazing that certain politicians are still talking about “Sadiq Khan imposed” LTNs (low traffic neighbourhoods), when the idea has been around in some form since at least the 1930s. The basic idea of the low traffic neighbourhood might have first surfaced with the cul-de-sacs which are so common in 1930s housing estates, but the … [Read more…]

Lego 1980s Throwback

Tomorrow (8th April) will be 1980s Lego throwback day, with a load of themese and memes all done with 1980s Lego sets. The music can be provided by Radio 6’s own 80’s day. Provisional themes: -Increasing gcar use Cars & roads 80x & 20s Why were there no mobile phone deaths in the 80s? -Should … [Read more…]

Biden Bridge between UK and USA announced

Leaked UK government documents have revealed the most ambitious post Brexit British policy to date – to build a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean, directly linking Penzance in Cornwall with Boston, Massachusetts. It is believed that this project has been given the working title “Biden bridge”, because it represents both a symbolic and commercial opportunity … [Read more…]