Charge Points

“I’m not anti-car”. OK, then well yes I am. Cars kill and maim and cause air, noise and ground pollution. But I also accept that cars in some form are here to stay, and that if we want to reduce the harm they cause, we need to switch to electric as soon as possible, whilst … [Read more…]


Why are garages on older houses now “too small” for modern cars? Why are even modern garages “too small” for modern cars? Is it just because developers see a faster return from keeping everything as small as possible, or is it because house buyers don’t actually demand sufficient storage space for their cars? Perhaps if … [Read more…]

Space for Cars

So the first Lego movie wasn’t until 2014. Yes, these things are all about extending the commercial reach of the franchise, but above all else, the sheer complexity of creating and then animating each scene – whether it’s done digitally or organically – would probably have made it difficult to have come up with such … [Read more…]

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

It’s amazing that certain politicians are still talking about “Sadiq Khan imposed” LTNs (low traffic neighbourhoods), when the idea has been around in some form since at least the 1930s. The basic idea of the low traffic neighbourhood might have first surfaced with the cul-de-sacs which are so common in 1930s housing estates, but the … [Read more…]

Can Cyclists Kill Motorists?

It’s a reasonable enough question, sometimes asked innocently, and sometimes as part of a very large dose of “whataboutery”, sometimes more of a statement than a question: What happens when a cyclist causes a fatal crash where the driver, or other car occupant dies? This question is often asked as part of an argument used … [Read more…]

Scaling parking charges

As we know, most car storage in the UK is free, and even in “controlled” parking zones, car owners usually just pay a peppercorn rent for the privilege, sometimes a fee that barely even covers the admin costs. If the pressure on the parking comes from an “external” source – such as a university, a … [Read more…]